Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mturkgrind the place where you can learn how to cheat on mturk

A bunch of stupid workers on mturkgrind are writing scripts to autocomplete hits on amazon mechanical turk. Requesters take notice and ban these shitheads. Take the time to report cheaters to amazon so they can have their accounts banned.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Scumbag scammers on mturkgrind

So the scammers and cheaters left mturkforum and now publicly share attention check answers, qualifications, and other cheating ways to steal from requesters on mturkgrind.

Great job dickweeds.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New scamming mturk forums

These fucking mturkguides, mturkgrind etc are just fucking garbage. Hope these scamming seersuckers just die.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

I have to laugh

It seems the scammers and cheaters over on have decided to require log in for viewing their "greatest hit's"

I guess it is a good thing, now you have to be a registered thief to use scripts to cheat requesters and steal work from honest workers.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Open Forums and Amazon Mechanical Turk

Open forums are the friend to scamming workers and the enemy to Mturk.

When hits are posted publicly for "anyone" to see, it is just that, anyone can see them.

There are people who do not care about the quality of their work and think that having a 95% approval ranking is good.

Others use automated programs to complete hits and work until their account is banned.

There are even others who run sweat shops with rooms of computers and people working nonstop on hits looking for hit information.

Open forums like reddit and mturkforum are the scourge of the internet.
They are the ones who make this hard for everyone. Although in recent months Amazon has been working hard to eliminate these problems, they still exist. When a fair requester paying  gets hit by these cheaters and thieves, you see the good work disappear from honest workers.
That's what sucks about forums. Open forums are one of the worst enemies of Mturk.
Anyone who is a member of one of these forums is contributing to the decline of the workplace and encouraging this kind of detrimental behavior.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Reddit For Amazon Mechanical Turk

This is really just a fair place to look for information. If you are not serious about working on Amazon Mechanical Turk and only want to make $5 a week, then this is the place for you.
Littered with college students willing to work for less than $1.00 an hour, the links to HITs posted on reddit are basically junk. There is a subreddit called Hits Worth Turking For, which has links to some hits on Mturk. Going to this link will show you the inexperience of turkers on reddit. Really not too much to say about reddit, because it is really just a starting point for many turkers. They eventually leave because there are better sources for information.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mturkforum ? Seriously ?

Mturkforum is the scourge of the internet and a waste of cyberspace.

Widely referred to as the "scammer" forum where Indians and Asians frequently post how they are working around Amazon's Terms of Service to steal from requesters on mechanical turk and break the rules that are put in place to protect workers and requesters alike.
It is not uncommon to have posts where people are asking to pay for United States Social Security numbers to open fraudulent accounts.
It is not uncommon for posts to refer to multiple accounts that workers make. 
Rampant cheating by members is openly bragged about.
Workers who barely have a grasp on the English language complaining how their writing hits are rejected. The list goes on and on and on.

The owner of this forum is a freaking REQUESTER!! Give me a break. That is like the fox watching the hen house.
He regularly posts hits that are far underpaid and has one of the worst reputations as a requester, frequently being rude to workers and rejecting perfectly good work. It has also been said that he uses the work even after he rejects an assignment.
Just look the reviews of his company Code White US on Turkopticon.  He has another requester account Furca which he pays his forum members to post.

There are some members on this forum who are honest workers. They have begged and pleaded with the forum owner to make changes so that the scam workers do not destroy the reputation of the forum. They do not like being regarded as the laughing stock of Mturk. Sadly, their voices are not heard. The few good members were stolen by a tiny and almost irrellavant site called cloudmebaby. But this site is made up of only two members posting continuously and has no content or value. More on this site later.

Made up almost entirely of  banned members from turkernation and scamming Asians, mturkforum is of almost no value to anyone except for it's owner Andy who is trying to increase traffic so he can sell the site and make money off of the advertising.

EDIT :  10/1/2012, Andy is now asking his members for money to support this forum.